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A global marketing executive for an organisation that serves finance professionals asked WakeMake to develop innovative strategy for making the ethical commitment of the association’s members more visible, tangible, and shareable.

We worked as a team of 5 people: researcher, copywriter, two designers and myself as coordinator and strategist.


Recognized as a leader in the investment industry, the association requires its 152,000 members to pass one of the most rigorous exams in the field and have sufficient professional experience to join. If equipped with the proper tools and professional support, the company believes that its members can make a collective ethical impact around the world. The organization is proud that members value and champion the highest standards of ethics, education and professional excellence, but how can association members communicate and demonstrate ethical commitment in an inspiring and engaging way?


We designed the approach centred around human needs:

  1. engaged project business owners and key stakeholders through direct co-creation of initial prototypes,
  2. shared the prototypes with members as conversation starters and prompts to uncover deep feelings and expectations of authentic users,
  3. transformed insights into opportunity platforms,
  4. designed internal workshops, coached the facilitators, and empowered groups to lead their own ideation workshops,
  5. developed a second round of prototypes to send to a fresh group of members,
  6. as a project wrap-up, we developed a co-creation workshop designed for internal staff to facilitate and explore more in depth, market specific solutions.
“I respect and understand the work behind design thinking so much more after this experience. This couldn’t have been done without Iva helping us put forth our ideas in a safe environment for sharing.” Paul Johnson, Americas Team Member
“Iva gets things done and delivers high-quality work, paying careful and close attention to design and presentation. We are so much farther along in our journey of getting these prototypes to market thanks to WakeMake.” Tony Tan, Project Sponsor
"I’m really sold on the concept of design thinking and how it can find answers and possible solutions for tough challenges. It can be frustrating because you’re not always clear about how something is connected, but if you let the process happen, you will understand the connections and correlations. Iva is very experienced in the process and her experience makes others trust her. She’s explicit and transparent about what the process entails and how that may be uncomfortable." Tom Berry- Project manager

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