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The professional partnership team developed a strategy and process for creating learning networks inside the financial institutions that the association members worked in around the world. The intention was to use the learning network as a site for high quality, problem centred, bespoke professional development that was initiated and run by employees after a process of consultation with the organisation’s leadership.

They reached out to WakeMake with a specific challenge in mind: improve the effectiveness of the original concept and spark more buy-in for the project from internal stakeholders.

  1. Stress-testing the challenge: What began as a project to refine an existing model for in-company professional development, became a project which embedded the formal design process in the learning process itself
  2. Learning from people and sense making: After conducting cross company interviews, the rich data we received was synthesised and opportunity platforms identified.
  3. Bringing it all together: In this stage we focused on building the business case for the program to be improved, supported, and eventually adopted.
  4. The tool: We developed the Network Starter Kit. The tool includes a Workbook for each team member so they can track their progress and record their ideas, discussions, and collaborative conclusions.
“We really like the Starter Kit prototype. WakeMake took a 12-hour process and condensed it brilliantly into a 4-hour format without losing clarity, so it’s much better for our clients. We are excited about what we have to offer!” ~ Macy Yan, Core Team Member
The design process used to refine the model, also proved to be a highly structured and effective learning framework for the learning networks themselves. ~Richard McGillivray, Project owner

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