Hi there, I am Iva!

I am a mom, wife, strategic designer, facilitator, a business owner and partner in Curious collaborations - agency that transforms the way people work together.

Welcome to my personal professional corner of the world wide web.

What people say about my work

Facilitation And Coaching
Iva guided the team through all the steps that make a successful remote design sprint: Onboarding us, providing examples, finding ways to unstuck us when needed, and making the full sprint engaging and fun.
Benjamin Dehant
Designer & Workshopper
Alès, Occitanie, France
Facilitation And Coaching
Iva is a creative genius who can transform how people work. I am lucky to be a beneficiary of her skills. She demonstrates patience like no other as she helps people understand and experience the importance of anchoring their work with a customer-centric and empathetic approach.
Bobbi Vernon
Director, Society Relations at CFA Institute
Charlottesville, USA
Strategic design
Iva possesses a combination of mastery, empathy, perception, and professional and personal courage beyond anything I have ever witnessed in my 20+ year career.
Brian Greenwald
VP of Business Development at Generate Impact
Charlottesville, USA
Facilitation And Coaching
Iva constantly amazed me in her ability to facilitate an intense 8-hour design workshop and within 4-6 hours be able to create tangible results from the feedback gathered at the workshop.
Michele Armentrout
Charlottesville, USA
Strategic design
Iva is the best design and innovation program conceptualizer, leader, and facilitator that I have had the privilege of working with.
Richard McGillivray
Senior Director, Institutional Partnerships at CFA Institute
Hong Kong, China
Strategic design
Focusing on where you could be and not where you are now, and getting you there is a particular strength of Iva's. She brings fresh and dynamic thinking to projects which result in outcomes that were not predicted at the outset, are fresh, and actionable.
Neli Govier
Director, APAC Professional Learning at CFA Institute
Hong Kong, SAR China
Facilitation And Coaching
It isn't an overstatement by saying that Iva completely changed my life and how I look at work. Throughout the two years of extensively working and being supported by Iva, I now incorporate design thinking methodologies in every project.
William Boivin
CFA Institute in-house business management consultant
Hong Kong, SAR China
Facilitation And Coaching
Iva helped us review our process and find a way to optimize it. She worked with every individual team member. She was not just our consultant but also a team psychologist.
Angus Miller
Owner and Managing Director at RetailPak
Hong Kong, SAR China
Strategic design
Iva makes effort to know the business, people and processes before bringing in the appropriate design thinking tools. Her workshops help to make people get a 360 degree view of the scenario and creatively support solutions.
Arati Porwal
Director, Society Relations at CFA Institute
Mumbai, India

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