World is home

Originally I am from Croatia, but I grew up in a country that ceased to exist in 90's. National or geographic identity labelling was never my cup of tea. I always wanted to experience the diversity of the world.

After finishing my degree in Zagreb, and few years of working as a designer in Rijeka I found my ticket to see the wonders of the world and went on a scholarship to China. I studied and lived in Hangzhou, the most beautiful city in China. While there I used all the time available to travel around Asia.

After studies my husband joined me in Guandong for few years. When we decided to start a family we moved to Hong Kong. My job in global company in Hong Kong took me around the world.

I am now designing my work to fit future developing of my kids's perspective as global citizens.

Iva and family
Iva facilitating a group of people

Imagine. Design. Facilitate.

Imagine verb form a mental image or concept.

Everything can be better. We need to start with the way we think. Improving things starts with imagining how is world going to look when it's changed and what do we need to do to make it happen. I love to help people imagine better ways to live and work.

Design noun the way in which something is planned and made.

I wanted to be a designer when I was 12 years old. I started with designing rock posters for a local club. After finishing design school I designed visual identities and brands. After my second design degree I designed organisational change and became strategic design lead. Now I design virtual collaboration and my business.

Facilitate verb make (an action or process) easy or easier.

Facilitation is where my strengths come together. Visualisation, system thinking, creative problem solving, and empathy. I love to perpetually expand my toolkit for in-person and virtual facilitation. I am certified Design thinking, Lego Serious Play, and Design Sprint facilitator.


Remote work

In 2020 I decided to focus on remote work and virtual facilitation. I joined Global Virtual Design Sprint and was voted best of the best by the community of the world class practitioners.

I love using technology to help people be more creative, productive and effective. Right methods and tools can help us work faster, easier, and create really useful things.

I specialise in facilitating virtual collaboration sessions and design sprints that use human-centered design methods and visual collaboration tools Mural and Miro.

Iva's virtual design sprint testimonial
Iva diving in tropical sea

I like ❤️. I wish 💬. I wonder 💭.

❤️ I like: All things related to sea. Reading non fiction books. Energetic and positive people. Deep conversations. Making furniture or hacking Ikea. Extremely long bus rides through new countries (it's great thing to do in Vietnam).

💬 I wish: That 20 years ago I knew things I am learning now (especially about entrepreneurship). To travel around the world with my kids before they turn 16.

💭 I wonder when will human race live in space.

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