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Increasing Productivity In Medium Size Business

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It was a privilege to work with international team at RetailPak and owner Angus Miller to increase team productivity, efficiency, and teamwork. In 18 months we moved from dysfunctional team and in-efficient process to happier team and saving thousands of dollars in reduced mistakes and process inefficiencies. I used these tools and methods to understand and transform the individuals, the business and the workflow:

  • Lego Serious Play Visioning
  • Appreciative inquiry with all team members
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Design Sprint Process
  • Virtual Visual Collaboration
  • Standardising design process

Here is the owners testimonial:

We are a team of 12 people in Hong Kong, a global sales team, and a factory in China.

I started working with Iva a year and a half ago after one-off my team members recommended her services. At that time we were struggling with communication, interpersonal relationships, and inefficiencies in our design process. All of that resulted in team frustration, a longer time to serve our clients, and costly mistakes in the production. In luxury packaging, mistakes can get very expensive. It can happen that we need to pay for complete production again on our own because of the spelling mistake. The additional cost can easily get to over 50K USD.
Iva helped us review our process and find a way to optimize it. She worked with every individual team member to understand their role and their challenges. As a trained, experienced designer she understands in-depth the whole process from idea to the final solution. Her designer experience gave the whole team confidence and trust in her advice.

As a small business owner, I never thought that I can afford a consultant. I just had in mind big agencies that charge a lot of money. But when I talked to Iva and she gave me a proposal, I decided to give it a try because it was affordable. With her personal and individual approach, she could reach every team member on their own ground. The big consulting agencies will just give you a formulaic approach without a personal touch.

Iva helped me and my team understand and streamline the design process, improved our communication, and trained us in virtual collaboration. I can say that now we have much fewer mistakes and therefore a lot of savings. Our team is happier, better aligned, communicates more, and serves our clients faster and better.
If you are a business owner, you feel overwhelmed, and you know your team can do better I highly recommend working with Iva. Besides fixing our productivity she is also our team psychologist. Give it a try for a few months at least, I strongly believe you will see massive positive change fast.

Angus Miller, RetailPak Managing Director

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