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The Global Virtual Design Sprint (GVDS) is a world-wide event where a team of professionals:Come together around an idea, purpose or challengeConduct research and explore a problem spacePlan and execute a virtual design sprint.Share perspective, network and have a good time. In 2020 I participated in GVDS4 in May and GVDS5 in October. All together I was on 6 teams and facilitated or co-facilitated 4 of them. I am also humbled by getting the recognition as Top of the Top practitioner. The whole experience was fascinating and I became part of the global community of virtual facilitators and design sprint practitioners. I will continue participating as long GVDS continues.

The overview and showcase of my teams work can be seen here:

The 5th GVDS Team Showcase: The LearnCanvas w/Team Oh Hai

The 5th GVDS Team Showcase: “The Spark Sprint” w/Team Ice Cream Tiger

GVDS Showcase #5 - The Pandemic Homeless Plan

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